Honey in honeycomb: useful properties and contraindications

When the word “honey” comes to mind, an incredible number of associations arise in the head. Can you imagine the history of the Russian countryside without mead or pancakes with honey during Shrovetide? And how many tales and legends associated with this wonderful gift of nature. Indeed, honey in Russia associated with health and wealth. The tales ended with the phrase: “Honey-drinking beer, flowed on the lips, but in the mouth did not get.
Today honey is produced on an industrial scale, and has not only great nutritional value, but also a solid commercial value. People learned how to extract honey a long time ago. At first people were engaged in borning (collecting honey from wild bees), but soon realized that the bees are easier to domesticate than to ravage the forest hives. The product is so diverse in its medicinal properties that people quickly realized: not only the natural sweetness itself has value, but also what bees produce in parallel with honey. In this publication, let’s talk about the very useful honeycomb honey.
What is honeycomb honey
Essentially, a honeycomb is a home for bees that is unique in nature. Honeycombs are waxy cells filled with liquid honey. The frame on which the honeycomb is formed is capable of yielding up to 4 kilograms of honey.
Honeycomb honey is usually called just the product that is extracted from these cells. Its value is so great that people are willing to put themselves in danger of being bitten by insects, just to get this healing product.
As stated earlier, bee honeycombs contain not only honey, but also many other useful elements, such as propolis, beebread, wax and others. The combination of these useful elements is enormous and has no analogues in nature. Usually it is honeycomb honey on the shelves does not linger, although it costs more than usual.
Keep in mind that the older the honeycomb, the less useful it is.
Composition and calories
Ladies sitting on a diet, probably wondered about the caloric content of this product. It’s no secret that honey is quite caloric, since its composition almost does not involve protein (0.08%). But it contains as much as 82% of carbohydrates, of which 35% are glucose and 40% are fructose. Honey contains no fats at all, and its composition is such that it can be completely absorbed by the body. Therefore, no diet with honey is not able to worsen weight loss, unless, of course, there are contraindications associated with intolerance to the components of the product. In terms of calories honey can only be compared with condensed milk (about 327 kcal), but there are more benefits from it. In addition, the waistline from his use does not gain more centimeters.
The chemical composition of honeycomb honey contains:
vitamin C, K, A and group B;
phytoncides, pigments;
fructose and glucose;
acids of organic origin (acetic, formic, succinic);
nicotinic and pantothenic acids, folic acid;
amino acids.
How is honey in a honeycomb useful?
General Benefits
The benefits of honeycomb honey exceed the benefits of pumped honey. Scientists have proven the benefits of the elements that make up this product. The fact is that natural immunostimulating components can keep a person who often uses honey from colds. This bee product has in itself the same and rejuvenating properties due to the presence of protein in its composition. And pollen penetrating the intestine can absorb toxins from unhealthy foods that poison the body. Amino acids, which are so necessary for a person for proper metabolism, of course, are also included in the composition of honeycomb honey. It is worth mentioning the possibility of losing weight for sweet eaters, because it is honey that is recommended to replace sugar during weight loss.
In the old days, honey was a bargaining chip. It was used to buy off curiosities, it was paid tribute, and it was also used to pay for expensive services. It made sense, because honey has always been considered almost a panacea for any ailment. Even today, lovers of alternative medicine use it:
In diseases of the lungs (bronchitis, pneumonia).

Oral diseases (caries, stomatitis, periodontal disease).
Peptic ulcer.
Eye disease (cataracts).
Honeycomb contains a group of vitamins K, C, B. Also includes organic acids such as succinic, folic, nicotinic, formic. All this is preserved precisely due to the honeycomb, because the viscous state of the inner layer retains the useful components of honey.
For women
Women who regularly consume honeycomb prolong their physiological health. Ladies of age alleviate the state of menopause, with the help of honey regulating blood pressure and reducing sweating during hot flashes. And the pollen contained in the honeycomb relieves migraine symptoms and improves heart function. Thanks to honey, the body is enriched with red blood cells, which makes the skin of the face and body fresher, improves vision and memory.
For men
Men will also appreciate the properties of this product. Paradoxically, but honeycomb honey can neutralize alcohol-containing drinks. That is, people who are prone to drinking can resist their addiction by consuming a sweet delicacy after drinking alcohol, and half an hour later feel sober. By the way, this bee product removes toxins and slags, so lovers of fatty fried food should eat this treat more often.
When pregnant
During pregnancy, women not only can, but also should eat honey, because during the period of pregnancy, the future mother is exposed to many infections that can have a devastating effect on the development of the fetus. Since pregnant women hardly any medications are indicated, they have to resort to folk medicine.
Going out of the house in places of large crowds of people, and even in the season of colds, it is desirable to have a cell gum. This will not only help you to keep your breath fresh, avoid caries, but also to protect yourself from harmful bacteria depositing on the mucous membrane of the larynx. Caries is a real misfortune for women in the position, because from the excessive demand for calcium, the body literally destroys everything that contains it. As we know, the accompanying pests that help to destroy the tooth are the bacteria of the oral cavity.
Often expectant mothers, in order not to provoke avitaminosis, all during pregnancy, trying to saturate the body with synthetic multivitamins, which are now sold at any pharmacy. However, there are many moms who rely solely on folk remedies and do not want to get vitamins from a can. So, it is precisely these pregnant women rely on the properties of honeycomb honey. Of course, all the useful properties of honey will help to maintain the health of pregnant women and improve their health only if there are no contraindications, such as allergic reactions. Honey is rich in its chemical composition, so an allergy can occur to a single component, which will be a reason to refuse to use it.
For children
No adult will appreciate the taste qualities of honey as much as a child. Little sweet-tooths are always happy to indulge in it, not knowing the measure. Just like adults, children need to maintain immunity. In addition, the use of honey is an excellent prevention of hypovitaminosis, as the product saturates the child’s body with the necessary trace elements. Schoolchildren often complain about visual impairment. Frequent reading and writing causes eye strain, so a preventive teaspoon of honey can help, if not to improve vision, then at least to stop the process of myopia that is starting.
Honey will also help the youngest babies with restless sleep syndrome. For these restless babies, honey, the size of a sulfur matchstick head, acts as a sleeping pill, helping them to sleep without waking up at the slightest rustle.
Children in their first year of life, learning to move around, all the time pick up from the floor shiny, bright and unusual. Often this leads to stomatitis, which in young children is quite severe. Rinsing the mouth at this age is impossible, as well as taking antiseptic pills, so moms face a huge problem in the treatment of stomatitis. In addition, this sore brings discomfort with its painful sensations while eating. In such cases, the easiest thing to do is to give the baby some honey, which with its antiseptic properties, after several applications, will rid the mouth of germs.
Is it possible to eat honey in a honeycomb when losing weight?
What is not in the honeycomb! Despite its sweetness and high caloric content, it is recommended to those who are going to lose weight. Due to the high biological activity of honey, it breaks down fats, and therefore is recommended for people who are overweight. Acting as a mild laxative, honey prevents the accumulation of feces and gently removes them without damaging the water-salt balance. There are even specific recipes, proven and very effective.
Honey water
Drink one glass of honey water half an hour before breakfast. Honey water is prepared at the rate of: 1 teaspoon per glass of boiled warm water. Important: do not put honey in hot water, it loses all its useful properties.
Apple cider vinegar and honey
There is another recipe for preparing a diet drink. The components of this drink are apple cider vinegar and honeycomb. What is needed:
apples – 1 kg;
Boiled water – 0,5 l;
yeast – 10 g;
honeycomb honey – 100-150 g.
Apples should be cut as finely as possible and put in a wide container, pouring boiled water. In the same container add yeast and honey. Do not cover and put in the cold. The drink should go through the fermentation process, so you need to leave it without a lid for a week, stirring the contents of the container from time to time. After a week, strain the liquid through a sieve and add more honey (already can be liquid) at a ratio of 100 grams per 1 liter of water. What you get, pour into different containers and leave for another two months, until the drink is not lightened, and at the bottom there is no sediment. When the drink will be suitable for consumption, it will be necessary to strain it finally and put it in a cool place, you can in the fridge. It is recommended to consume two teaspoons immediately after awakening in the morning. It is believed that the combination of honey and acid intensely burns fat and speeds up the metabolism.
Lemon, ginger and honey
For better digestion and benefits, it is advisable to combine honey with other products, such as lemon or ginger. You can try it with both. What you need:
1 ginger root;
1 lemon;
3 tbsp of honey (or 100g of honeycomb).
The mixture should be prepared as follows: first, grind the lemon and ginger in a blender, you can do it with the peel, then pour the honey and put in a cool place. It is better to consume at night, you can with tea. But in no case put it in the tea itself, unless of course it is hot, otherwise the value of the healing mixture will disappear. Tea with honey and ginger not only regulates the acidity in the stomach, but also accelerates the metabolism, and most importantly, prevents the process of fermentation and putrefaction in the intestines.
Warm milk with honey
You can also recall everyone’s familiar from childhood recipe of honey with warm milk. This drink will not only help to relieve stress and calm down, but also due to the properties and composition of honey trick the body by giving a feeling of satiety. Thus, a calm and satiated body will be able to rest and gain strength throughout the night, and in the morning the result of such a cocktail will be vivacity.
Grapefruit and honey
Everyone knows about the fat-burning properties of citrus fruits. Let’s consider a variant of the recipe on the example of a combination of grapefruit and honey. The thing is that grapefruit is a product that contains peptides (that is, special amino acids), which can accelerate the metabolism in the body many times. The recipe is quite simple, you just need to separate the grapefruit pulp from the skin, add honey (can be liquid, can be honeycomb), then grind in a blender and consume in the afternoon. It is at this time of the day that some of the calories consumed in the first half of the day can be burned.
Honey for weight loss can be used not only internally, but also externally. There is a practice of honey wrap. And also experts practice massage procedures with honey. Wraps for greater effectiveness are made with ginger, pepper and even coffee, which serves as a kind of scrub, cleanses pores and removes dead skin. The volume of the body after such procedures decreases significantly. The skin itself becomes soft and firm, as honey improves turgor.
There are also honey baths, which also take away a few extra pounds. They are better to do them in summer, because the temperature of such a bath should not be higher than 40 degrees.
Remember! Honey does not like boiling and high heat, because it instantly loses the necessary properties.
Honey in honeycombs in medicine
Cough treatment
The method of application of the honey compress is simple: honeycomb should be flattened (this is easy to do due to the wax in its composition) and place the pellets in the chest area, cover with a piece of food film. After that, turn over with your back upwards to do the same in the shoulder blades area. Then wrap yourself around the circumference with an elastic bandage and put on a cotton T-shirt. Stay in this state is better in bed and for as long as possible. Such a procedure should be carried out twice a day until full recovery.
Eye drops for conjunctivitis
There are therapeutic prescriptions that can defeat conjunctivitis, if it is of bacterial origin. With viral, only the adaptation of the immunity itself to a particular virus will help, simply put, it takes time for self-healing. So, what to make eye drops from:
honey – 1 tbsp;
Boiled water – 100 ml.
Dilute honey with lukewarm water and put in sick eyes every 4 hours.
Honey against insomnia
Honey helps to cope with insomnia, and as you know, it can cause neurosis. Psycho-emotional excitement does not allow you to put your thoughts in order and fall asleep peacefully. This requires an adult to eat 40-50 grams of honeycomb or 1 tablespoon of liquid honey before going to bed. It is better to wash it down with milk, but in case of lactose intolerance you can do without it. The use of honey without milk will also give the desired effect.
Treatment of anemia
Another dangerous disease that occupies the attention of modern medics is anemia. This disease is peculiar not only to adults, but also to children, so the treatment should be started as soon as the diagnosis is made. To get rid of this disease, it is necessary to use dark varieties of honey, such as buckwheat, Altai, heather, forest. The recipe in this case is simple and available to everyone. It is necessary to crush the pulp of one banana with a tablespoon of honeycomb honey. Banana is essential for the heart muscle, honey is a catalyst to help the body assimilate potassium and enrich the blood with hemoglobin.
Applications of honeycomb honey in cosmetology
Honey facial masks can not only improve the health of the skin, but also tighten the tired skin around the eyes, as well as correct the circumference of the chin, burning a thin layer of subcutaneous tissue.
Preparing such a mask is simple. What you need:
1 tbsp. honey;
A pinch of oat flakes.
Mix oatmeal flakes with viscous honey and apply to the skin of the face. If the type of oatmeal that has been chosen is hard, it should be soaked in water and then squeezed so that there is as little water as possible. After that, the oatmeal will be ready for use.
Similar masks can be done not only with oatmeal, but also with cucumber, of course, with the addition of honey. You just need to crush the cucumber and add honey. Such a mask will be liquid, so it is better to apply it in a horizontal position, so that it does not spread. The liquid that the cucumber when crushed should not be poured out, because it has its own value. You should not deprive yourself of additional benefits.

Honey can be mixed with various essential and cosmetic oils and treat with this composition not only the skin of the face, but also hair, as well as used for wraps in the presence of cellulite.
How to eat honey in the honeycomb
You can consume this product of beekeeping in different ways: eat in a snack with tea, smear it on bread with butter, use it with a therapeutic purpose on an empty stomach, drinking water. The main thing is not to exceed the dosage, which is 50 grams per day or 2 tablespoons.
Is it possible to eat honeycomb
Honeycombs are small-sized containers that are made of wax. They can be eaten, however, they do not have any benefits for humans in themselves. Although some people consume this organic product. After the honeycomb stops coming out, you can chew the wax like chewing gum and spit it out, but if you eat it, nothing bad will happen.
Abuse wax is undesirable, as it increases intestinal peristalsis and can cause diarrhea.
Interesting facts about honey
The leading supplier of honey throughout our country is Siberia.
The addition of honey in the manufacture of flour products extends their shelf life.
Honey is a mandatory product in the diet of astronauts.
Honeymoon – a month in which newlyweds should eat honey to sweeten the family life (belief).
For a bee to be able to produce 100 grams of honey, it must fly at least a hundred thousand kilometers.
Be healthy and don’t get sick, and if you get sick – treat yourself with honey, because nature gave it to you!

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