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Application Form for Membership of Global Guideline Research Net (GGSN)

Application of Membership and Membership Contract Agreement

Please agree to the followings including “Membership Contract Agreement “and fill out the application form.

Application of Membership and Membership Contract Agreement

1.Benefit of Membership
Members can use the Guideline Global Search Net (GGSN) of the Regulatory Science Institute, Inc (RSI) and freely survey Guideline and related documents with key words. The members are provided with ID & PASSWORD to obtain access to GGSN.

2.Types and Membership Fee
2.1.Types of Membership 
The types of membership are as follows
・ Individual/Student
・ Academia
・ Industry

2.2.Annual Membership Fee
Annual contract. A standard annual membership fee is shown below. The final annual membership fee would be finalized by mutual negotiation. The consumption tax is added to the confrere expense.
・ Individual/student: $200 US
・ Academia: $500 US
・ Industry: $700-$3,000 US
The fee is finalized based users numbers, company size, etc and standard fee is shown below
Note 1: The membership is contracted by unit, i.e., company, department, research laboratory, group, etc.
Note 2:Subsidiaries and affiliated companies are independent of parent company and have to contract a membership

2.3.Payment of fee
You receive quote and bill of annual membership fee with the bank transfer account when filing in on the membership application form below and sending to RSI. ID & PASSWRD are provided to applicants after the transfer of membership fee is confirmed.

3.Membership Contract Agreement

Article 1 Rule and Conditions
This Agreement describes the rules and conditions of membership of the Regulatory Science Institute, Inc (RSI) and use of Guideline Global Search Net (GGSN) that RSI provides. RSI may revise the rules and conditions without the member's approval if necessary. In the event of a revision, the company will inform the members within reasonable time.

Article 2 Qualification of Members
ID & PASSWORD are provided to members upon execution of agreement & payment of the annual membership fee.

Article 3 ID and PASSWORD
Members manage ID & PASSWORD by their own responsibility and don’t loan and/or transfer them to the third party. When the third party illegally used member's ID & PASSWOPRD, and damages are caused to RSI, RSI can claim compensation for damage by the third party.
The member will promptly report to RSI when ID & PASSWORD are compromised and/or forgotten.

Article 4 Membership Fee
RSI can revise membership annual fee without the approval of the member. In that case, the company informs the member new annual fee in advance. 
The company does not reduce and return the member the annual fee paid to RSI even if the member can not use GGSN because of some troubles and accidents

Article 5 Update of Membership
The update of the membership contract will be informed to members one month before the contract end day. When the payment cannot be confirmed after the contract day passes, the company will stop the use of GGSN temporarily

Article 6 Infringement
The Agreement dose not permit the following acts.
・Illegal use of ID & PASSWORD (loan/transfer to third party, etc)
・Reproduction and distribution for any commercial purpose to third party, information obtained through GGSN without the permission of RSI

Article 7 Copyright 
The members may make one free copy, by downloading or printer to electronic storage media, of any contents of GGSN and site of RSI for personal use. 
As a rule, the one of the member used only within the range of the private use provided by the Copyright Law is a book offered through the retrieval net when there is our or the copyright person's special permission in prior.

Article 8 Stopping and Discontinuance 
The company may interrupt and/or discontinues the use of GGSN in the following events, and shall have any liability of any type and refund the membership fee for damages due to stopping and discontinuance of GGSN.
・Execution of maintenance of equipment to maintain our service.
・Damage of GGSN by inevitable natural disaster, the power failure, and the war or causes beyond the control of RSI, etc.
・Decision on that the interruption and/or discontinuation of GGSN are necessary and desirable for whatever reason.

The company notifies the member of the interruption and/or discontinuation of beforehand However, no this, except for no matters of exigency.

Article 9 Termination 
The company may terminate the membership contract with the member who does the following acts.
・ False applicant
・ Breach of duty for payment of the membership fee
・ Violation of this Agreement
The company shall not be liable for payment or reimbursement of the membership fee upon termination of contract due to the above mentioned reasons.

Article 10 Damages
The company shall not indemnify and/or refund the membership fee for any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages, including, but not limited to the loss of opportunity, loss of use, or loss of revenue or profit, which the member and/or the third party may suffer due to information obtained through GGSN and the site of the company.

Article 11 Preservation of Confidentiality of Individual Information)
The company will hold all confidential information and proprietary information of the member during and after this Agreement.

Article 12 Application State law
This Agreement will be construed and applied according to Japanese law without regard to conflicts of laws or choice of laws provisions.

Article 13 Arbitration
Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or the party’s decision to enter into this Agreement, or the breach thereof shall be settled by arbitration by a single arbitrator in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association.

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